Hello there, and welcome to Digital Marketing Clients!

I created this tool to use in my own digital business (Komplet Marketing). It became so succesfull, that a few of my colleagues asked me if they could use it to, and that when it all started.

This is a complete sales system, that takes you through finding and creating leads (Prospecting), to booking meetings with potential clients (Appointments), to running the sales-meeting (Sales), and finally to actually helping you do the work you sold the client (Consulting)

I would suggest, you start by taking the tour and watch the short instructional videos on how to use the system for optimal results (in my opinion).

If you have any kind of suggestions or wish for features you would like, or you find a bug… please do not hesitate to e-mail me personally.

The basic system will always be free to use, you only pay (by using credits) if you want to use the pitches or reports.

Enjoy 🙂

Best regards,

Henrik Bruhn
Digital Marketing Clients