Digital Marketing Clients

An online CRM and sales tool designed for marketing agencies

What can the system do for me?

At Digital Marketing Clients you will as a marketing agency get help managing the entire process from potential leads to existing clients..

Everyone can either create or buy leads

– potential customers specifically selected according to one or more specific criteria


Sales consultants can draw a detailed report with specific errors and descriptions of omissions

– a report that provides an overview of all the issues on the website


Meeting booking agents can in a few seconds generate active topics for a short sales pitch

– a list of overall errors and omissions on your potential customers’ websites


Consultants can view the agreement and all relevant data on the customer

– Notes taken during the process are continued throughout the system

The team behind Digital Marketing Clients offers:

Generating specific leads

Phoners on an hourly basis

Training phoners

Sales consultants on an hourly basis

Training salesconsultants

Execution of sold tasks

The team behind Digtal Marketing Clients works with online marketing every day and are willing to help, if you receive more incoming tasks than you can manage. Contact Henrik on +45 22 82 40 85 for further info.

It’s free to use Digital Marketing Clients

Thus, you only pay for potential pitch subjects and web reports if you choose to request them.

You pay for the automatic generation of pitch subjects and web reports by inserting credits into your account.

The credits on your account are then automatically used as a payment each time you use a service that requires credits.

1 credit costs 1 Euro

The price per lead depends on the number of criteria they have to meet and are agreed with our sales department – Contact Henrik on:

+45 22 82 40 85.

The cost for generating pitch subjects is 1 credit and the price of a full web report is 5 credits.

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